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Tablets and Smartphones on-demand for pros


  • 200%growth in orders between 2015 and 2016
  • 480,000euros revenue in total
  • 5,000rented phones

Tablet and Smartphone mobile type devices have become essential. Light and equipped with numerous features (camera, presentation broadcast, various business applications), they address professional uses particularly well. Fleexi revolutionizes the relevance to these devices by offering a new way to use them.

  • Apple iPad rented from Fleexi
  • iPad consultation by a client
  • Apple iPad rented from Fleexi
  • Apple iPad rented from Fleexi
Consultation de l'iPad par un client

A Challenge: Replace the purchase by renting equipments within the businesses

Consumption based usage is part of our daily lives and our new buying habits. In the company environment this trend is increasingly present.
Accessing all the files is now facilitated by the Cloud and Saas solutions, but you still need adapted devices outside the office. In fact, in some cases, these mobile devices are only needed occasionally, during a trade show or when travelling abroad. However, many companies cannot or do not want to manage purchased fleets of tablets and Smartphones. With the ever rising pace of Smartphones renewal and for reasons of purchase and maintenance costs: replacement, recycling, inventory management, etc. The Fleexi solution provides benefits to SMEs.

Renting is synonymous with flexibility for businesses Antoine Jeanjean - Co-founder of Recommerce Group and Director of Fleexi Tweet this quote Share on LinkedIn

Apple iPad rented from Fleexi

One Solution: Rental for greater flexibility

It is in order to meet this specific need that Fleexi offers businesses short-term mobile device rental! If major companies have the financial and human resources to manage varied device fleets, smaller companies are not always able to implement the logistics necessary for inventory management and especially for their maintenance. Thus, being a Fleexi client allows benefiting from more effective “à la carte” devices and to escape constraints related to traditional purchases.

Apple iPad loué chez Fleexi

A Business model: The short term rental or pay-as-you-go applied to objects

The Fleexi model is representative of the usage consumption mode: Pay only for what you need or what you actually consumed. Although car rental has been around for a long time, it is quite a novelty to propose leasing, and over very short periods, of electronic devices, often seen as equipments to purchase and, therefore, to have no matter what.

In order to release businesses and, namely, smaller structures, from certain logistics expenses, many niche startups offer to come to their assistance on subjects as specific as device rental, which also have an increasingly short life.