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And what if the connected object was the new user interface? The subscription allows limiting the user's steps or actions. Connecting to an application could become an unnecessary step in some cases. With this system, Les Taxis Bleus offers also a new form of B2B service around travel by taxis which no longer content to be available via web platform or application to download individually but is at disposal of the collectivity and guests.

  • Call a taxi using the button
  • Waiting for the taxi's arrival
  • Connected Taxis Bleus button
  • Connected Taxis Bleus button
State of the button warning the arrival of the taxi

A challenge: Simplify ordering of taxis using new technologies

ACompany receptions, hotels and concierge services are all trades at the service of employees of a company, customers, as well as visitors in town for an appointment. Ordering a taxi is one of the most repeated tasks of the day, sometimes taking long and without it requiring an added value for the person that executes it. Knowing that 80% of taxi orders are immediate requests, Taxis Bleus wanted to meet this business need effectively and innovatively.

The pay-as-you-go is particularly suitable for companies that rely on recurring services Yann Ricordel - General Manager of Taxis Bleus Tweet this quote Share on LinkedIn

Connected Taxis Bleus button

One solution: A connected and fun button to order the taxi with 1 push

Smart and connected objects are slowly appearing in our daily lives, with the objective of automating and simplifying certain time-consuming tasks. With the connected Taxis Bleus button, it is now possible to order a taxi with one push. In addition to the colour code that immediately indicates the order status (searching and taxi arriving), the connected service button undertakes to adhere to an average delay of 5 minutes between the order and the on-site arrival of the taxi. Thanks to this fun service and still more simplified user experience, the host, concierge or operator is freed up to perform other tasks.

Call a taxi using the button

A Business model: On-demand consumption for companies

The arrival of mobile applications has profoundly changed consumer requirements with respect to services, but also at each stage of the user experience and especially at the payment stage. Taxis Bleus thus adapted its service and its formulas on the basis of this new connected consumer dynamic, which also affects professionals, the target market. When ordering a taxi with the connected Taxis Bleus button, two payment possibilities are available:
• An "on board" payment: The passenger pays on board the taxi once arrived at the destination
• "Centralized" payment: The company from which the taxis has been ordered assumes payment via its Taxis Bleus account.

If the connected object allows you to easily order a taxi, the on-demand consumption formula that subscription allows, demonstrates that businesses also change their way of consuming by taking into account new consumer expectations.

At a time when passenger transport is experiencing profound transformation, especially due to the arrival of VTCs on the market, Taxis Bleus rose to the challenge to respond to the particularities of the B2B world and to the possibilities offered by the combination of new technologies and connected objects to offer an effective response to an identified need.